About Rethink

Rethink began at the school gates. On the short trip from home to school we realised what a mess we’ve created and how urgently it needs to be solved. A child should be able to walk or cycle to school in safety. The film we made was viewed around the world and highlighted the global issues that people face when doing the most simple of things – walking a short distance.

The horror of the school run led to a community air quality testing project. Children and parents worked on a project that highlighted how poor the air was as they approached school.

As we thought more about the problem and how it needed to be fixed, we started to realise the scale of the problems we face. This is about more than bicycles and scooters. Our roads are hostile and polluted. Our lives are busy and stressful. We hop in our cars before having the chance to say good morning to our neighbours. We have lost the connection with the land that we move across each day and how it serves us. The items we buy spend more time in the bin than in our lives.

We could go on…
We will go on!

Rethink Now CIC was set up in January 2018 by Edward Lamb, Tanya Leary and Ewan Wilkinson to get to work on these challenges. Despite the huge task we face we remain optimistic. We have a positive vision of the world that we can create as we race to net zero carbon emissions.

The question is, are you in?

Ed Lamb and Tanya Leary