Just as lockdown began, Rethink Now began work on an exciting bid for eCargo bikes. Working closely with Wirral Environmental Network, Wirral Council, Peel L&P and others we submitted a proposal focusing on reducing the number of short distance deliveries undertaken by motorised vehicles. Deliveries which have been so important over recent weeks to get vital supplies to vulnerable members of our communities.

This method of delivery was the norm in the post-war era with lads on bikes whizzing orders across towns and villages- they were quick, clean and efficient means of travel and a brilliant way to promote the company but, as roads became busier, they fell into decline.

1905 Alldays Standard Carrier Tricycle

Well, no more! The bid was successful and Wirral, along with 17 other local councils will shortly take ownership of a fleet of ebikes and trailers for use by local businesses and educational establishments.

Once the bikes arrive, we’ll be working directly with Wirral Chamber of Commerce to get these bikes into the hands of local business owners to enable the shift to low cost, low emission deliveries on Wirral.

The Covid 19 crisis has forced a vastly different way of life on all of us and, as we begin to feel our way towards a return to ‘normal’ we have the opportunity to work with our communities and businesses to ensure that it is a future we have created with intention and purpose. A future that works for our physical and mental health and that of our loved ones.

“eCargo bikes are great for not only business but also the environment, helping to lower costs and emissions.” 

“This funding will see groceries and other shopping delivered to people’s doors by bike instead of vans, helping ensure that as transport increases and we recover from Covid-19, it’ll be cleaner and greener than ever before.”

Chris Heaton-Harris, Cycling Minister

Tim Anderson, Head of Transport at Energy Saving Trust, said: “eCargo bikes are an attractive low carbon transport solution that are becoming more widely adopted. They offer significant benefits, most impressively fuel cost savings and contributing to improved local air quality which are particularly attractive as we work towards a green recovery following the Covid-19 outbreak. With more deliveries to our homes than ever, last mile delivery is an important area for consideration in our journey to reduce transport emissions to net zero by 2050. We expect the eCargo Bike Grant Fund to support wider and longer term uptake of these light vehicles.”

At Rethink Now CIC we want to be part of the team pushing Wirral towards a cleaner, greener future and the e cargo bikes are a brilliant first step on this journey. If you’d like to be the first to know when the scheme launches, as well as other Rethink Now news, join our mailing list today to be kept up to date.

Watch this space.

Image: Bike Hugger