Not A Cyclist – Tom Flood and the Completely Obvious Quest for Safer Streets

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Tom Flood is leading the way on how our roads are viewed. Are they places entirely the realm of those that drive? Or are they places where our children deserve to be able to travel on, or tow play with their friends?

Ed and Tom share similar experiences. For years they used bikes to get around, mixing with drivers with no real thought for how things should change. Then they started riding with their kids… BAM. When you ride with children on our roads–whether in the UK or North America–we GUARANTEE that your perspective will shift dramatically.

Tom joined Ed on the Rethink Now Podcast to talk about his journey so far and how he has campaigned and pushed for changed in his home city of Hamilton, Ontario.

Why do we all have to campaign for such obvious changes? Well… it’s complicated and change is hard, but towns and cities around the world are finally waking up to the huge benefits that await us if we realign our priorities.

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